7.2.0+11 (Psalm 23:3)

Welcome to ColdBox!

Welcome to modern ColdFusion (CFML) development. You can now start building your application with ease, we already did the hard work for you.

Event Handlers

You can click on the following event handlers to execute their default action index()


Here are your registered ColdBox Modules. Click on them to open their entry point.

Reinitialize ColdBox

ColdBox caches things in memory for you to increase performance. If you make any configuration changes, add/modify modules, etc, please make sure you reinit the framework so those changes take effect. You can use the URL action shown below or CommandBox to issue a coldbox reinit command.

URL Action Execute


Unit and integration testing are integral parts to any ColdBox application. We have scaffolded the test harness under the tests folder. From here you can open the Tests Browser and also execute all your tests. Please note that you can also run all your tests via CommandBox: testbox run. You can even start a watcher which will check for source changes and run your tests for your: testbox watch