Vahana Comes Together

A3 by Airbus Group, the company’s Silicon Valley outpost, is independently developing another eVTOL concept. The single-seat, self-piloted Vahana eVTOL uses four electric propellers each on its canard and aft wing. The full-scale demonstrator is undergoing final assembly and is expected to fly later this year. The company released a photo of the aircraft’s carbon fiber exterior (shown) in July, supplied by Oregon-based FlightHouse Engineering, whose team includes Composites Universal Group and Devaco.

A3 has also opened a new flight test center at the Eastern Oregon Regional airport at the Pendleton UAS Range, in Pendleton, Oregon.


  1. Great Update.

  2. We found infographic for Vahana. . I think Airbus has more funds for serial production and in the near future Volocopter will be the part of one of the huge corporation.

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