Volocopter Gains Momentum

Bruchsal, Germany-based Volocopter (previously known as “e-volo GmbH”) has continued its series of stunning announcements. The company, which made the world’s first manned multicopter flight in March 2016 with its VC200 eVTOL demonstrator, is preparing to fly its next aircraft, the pre-series 2X multicopter. The first 2X is complete and the second 2X is in fabrication.

In June, Volocopter revealed that it would be flying its VC200 in Dubai. With funding from the government’s Roads and Transport Authority, testing will start in the fourth quarter of 2017, and the project will run for five years.

The company announced on Aug. 1 that it had agreed to a finance deal worth more than €25M ($29M) with automaker Daimler in Stuttgart, the technology investor Lukasz Gadowski in Berlin, and other investors.

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