“What you see today will fly next year” according to SKYLYS Aircraft CEO Gary Chorostecki in a video unveiling recent progress made on the electric VTOL AO Aqua speeder.

The video, AO. Chapter 2, A disruptive Technology, also gives hints to the propulsion system. The video contains an interview with Guillaume Tremblay, the company’s Co-Engineer and Project Manager, who discloses that multiple motors are embedded within the wings.  SKYLYS is currently keeping additional engine specifics under wraps.

Additional details shared by SKYLYS are that the speeder body is 100% carbon and Kevlar materials, and that the speeder will have configurations for one to three passengers and customized options for the canopy including an open cockpit. SKYLYS also says that it is aiming not only at the urban mobility market. They also have eyes on first responders, surveillance, and piloted or autonomous logistics and cargo.

The video also includes interviews with Christian Carle, CEO Pole Star and SKYLYS Board Member and Alexis Rufenacht, Co-Founder & CXO Europe Manager of the company.

The SKYLYS AO Aqua January 2019

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  1. The airplane must still perfrom vertical takeoff and land. How much power is required with tiny thrust area and very high air velocity when there is zero forward speed and zero aerodynamic lift?

    How does SKYLYS address this physical reality:


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