AutoflightX V600 prototype front view, first unveiled in Germany on 10 April 2019. Photo for VFS by Ian Frain.

Vertiflite May/June 2019

AutoFlightX GmbH, based near Munich, Germany, unveiled its full-sized V600 prototype on April 10 at the AERO Friedrichshafen 2019 aviation trade show. The two-place all-electric V600 aircraft has six propellers for lift fitted on two booms parallel to the fuselage and a pusher propeller in the rear for forward flight. The design uses four propellers underneath (one each at the ends of the two booms) plus a single propeller above each boom (at its center), for a total of six lifting propellers.

The company uses the aviation network of the Munich Metropolitan Region as well as the Technical University of Munich. The company expects their eVTOL aircraft can be used as autonomous air taxis, regular piloted sports aircraft and as unmanned autonomous cargo drones. AutoFlightX plans to fly the prototype in the coming weeks. The operational aircraft is planned to seat three-to-five passengers and be certified under the new European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Ultralight rules — for aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 1,323 lb (600 kg) — but first plans to use the aircraft for cargo delivery, beginning in 2023. (VFS photo by Ian Frain)

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