AeroMobil, the Bratislava, Slovakia-based company with an actual flying car, announced on Sept. 3 that it has expanded its business to offer specialist technical consulting services for VTOL and UAM aircraft. Aeromobil’s Technical Consulting Services division will provide services in three areas: technical advisory, engineering consulting and concept development on offer for existing organizations, and new entrants aiming to solve engineering challenges and create safe, certifiable VTOL aircraft. AeroMobil has extensive experience in the development of personal aerial vehicles (PAVs) and VTOL aircraft. Over the last 10 years, AeroMobil has flown and tested three generations of its conventional takeoff and landing flying car and conceptualized and developed a range of VTOL vehicles. The company says it has already completed several projects in the last 12 months for leading automotive manufacturers and technology suppliers. The company also revealed that its AeroMobil 5.0 concept (shown) has evolved into a new design, designated 6.0.

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