Airbus Completes Vahana Testing November 2019 USA

The Vahana unmanned eVTOL demonstrator made its last flight on Nov. 14. The aircraft completed 138 flights totaling almost 500 nm (925 km) and over 13 hours of flight time at the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport in Pendleton, Oregon. Airbus’s Silicon Valley business unit A3 made the first test flight on Jan. 31, 2018. The Vahana is a full-scale prototype, self-piloting, eight-prop tilt wing, all-electric VTOL vehicle. In its announcement, Airbus noted that urban air mobility work will continue at A3 in 2020 “by building out technologies in service of a future vehicle. In addition, some of our team members will contribute to the ongoing efforts in Europe to the design of such a vehicle.”

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