NASA LA-8 eVTOL Testbed laboratory.

NASA Langley Research Center on April 24 premiered a video describing its Langley Aerodrome 8 (LA-8) modular unmanned aerial vehicle, a testbed the agency called a “flying laboratory for urban air mobility.” NASA is using the LA-8 to investigate different eVTOL technologies and configurations in the hopes of aiding the private sector in establishing the UAM market. The LA-8 is composed of a fuselage encasing the data recording and power systems, surrounded by modular propulsion and lift components. While initially configured as a tandem-wing aircraft, the LA-8’s modular design will allow NASA to experiment with a wide range of possible configurations and flight profiles. The video was launched as part of a “premier party” including a live question-and-answer session with Langley aeronautics researchers David North and Steve Geuther. NASA unveiled the program in April 2019 after testing the LA-8 in NASA Langley’s 12-ft (3.7-m) Low Speed Wind Tunnel, as shown in the photo with North and Brian Duvall. (Sources: YouTube,

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