Volocopter Volocity.

German eVTOL aircraft maker Volocopter has recently partnered with two companies as part of developing its two-seat VoloCity multicopter. Aerospace equipment manufacturer AUTOFLUG GmbH announced May 7 it would supply Volocopter with its modular Flyweight family of seats for installation on the VoloCity. Under the contract, AUTOFLUG will produce and deliver the seats, and the two companies will jointly develop the interface “to make optimum use of the available space in the cabin.” Avionics developer Diehl Aerospace — a subsidiary of Diehl Aviation and a joint venture with Thales — announced May 14 that it would supply the VoloCity’s primary and backup flight control computers. Volocopter unveiled its VoloCity production model in August 2019 and has since been planning its infrastructure and talking with cities worldwide. It expects to have its service up and running in the next several years. (Sources: Diehl Aviation press release, AUTOFLUG press release)

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