• DeLorean DR-7 rear view

    DeLorean unveils DR-7 VTOL

    On June 8, 2017, Paul DeLorean, CEO and chief designer at DeLorean Aerospace, unveiled a concept video and illustrations of the two-seat DR-7 electric VTOL.

    According to DeLorean, the DR-7 is designed to be a personal commuter aircraft that would have a much broader market appeal than conventional planes and helicopters, due to its high-speed efficiency, VTOL function and autonomous control system. “With a compact footprint and minimized...

  • DeLorean Aerospace DR-7

    DeLorean Aerospace
    Laguna Beach, California, USA

    The DeLorean Aerospace DR-7 would be a twin forward and rear tilt propeller flying car developed for personal use.

    The forward and rear propellers will be capable of 360 degree forward/back tilt. In vertical mode the DeLorean will be able to achieve Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL). As the propellers tilt more toward a horizontal position it...