• Jason Hurst, VP of Innovation, Bell, April 2020.

    Leadership Moves

    Hurst Appointed Bell VP of Innovation

    In April, Bell named Jason Hurst as its new vice president of innovation, after more than 17 years at the company. Hurst is a graduate of the University of North Texas, and received a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the University of Texas at Arlington. He joined Bell in 2002 as a project engineer on the...

  • Archer eVTOL aircraft, Palo Alto, California, USA. 21 May 2020.

    Archer Flies Out of Stealth

    Archer Flies Out of Stealth

    By Mike Hirschberg, Executive Director

    Vertiflite, July/August 2020

    On May 21, electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft startup Archer unveiled its plans and progress to the world. The company is led by co-founders Brett Adcock and Adam Goldstein, serial entrepreneurs who recently sold...

  • Applied VTOL Concepts Epiphany Flying CARpet 2020.

    FLYING CARpet Unveiled, Tests to Start in 2021

    A long-time VTOL designer’s latest startup emerging from stealth development mode has unveiled a hybrid-electric “practical flying car” concept that it hopes to ground- and hover-test next year, culminating nearly 20 years of development including a government contract. Applied VTOL Concepts on May 20 said its one-to-two passenger Epiphany FLYING CARpet would feature twin turbo generators powered by non-explosive diesel...

  • Pipistrel 801 5 seat.

    Pipistrel Committed to Uber Despite Shifting Priorities

    Slovenian electric aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel announced plans in a May 13 newsletter to shift developmental focus from its Project-801 eVTOL — a candidate for the Uber Air mission — towards three of its other designs following “delays with the Uber flying taxi program by many international authorities.” However, on May 15 the company clarified that it was still committed to Uber Air, and that development of the 801...

  • Volocopter Volocity.

    Volocopter Partners to Supply Avionics, Seats

    German eVTOL aircraft maker Volocopter has recently partnered with two companies as part of developing its two-seat VoloCity multicopter. Aerospace equipment manufacturer AUTOFLUG GmbH announced May 7 it would supply Volocopter with its modular Flyweight family of seats for installation on the VoloCity. Under the contract, AUTOFLUG will produce and deliver the seats, and the two companies will jointly develop the interface...

  • CityAirbus test flight.

    Airbus Reaffirms eVTOL Commitment

    Airbus intends to continue developing its CityAirbus eVTOL program in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturer told on May 5. The CityAirbus multicopter began free-flight testing at the end of 2019 with the goal of informing future eVTOL designs in a similar way as the company’s Silicon Valley eVTOL demonstrator, the A³ Vahana tiltwing. Other Airbus initiatives have been disrupted by the pandemic that CEO...

  • NASA LA-8 eVTOL Testbed laboratory.

    NASA Flying LA-8 Testbed

    NASA Langley Research Center on April 24 premiered a video describing its Langley Aerodrome 8 (LA-8) modular unmanned aerial vehicle, a testbed the agency called a “flying laboratory for urban air mobility.” NASA is using the LA-8 to investigate different eVTOL technologies and configurations in the hopes of aiding the private sector in establishing the UAM market. The LA-8 is composed of a fuselage encasing the data...