• Porsche Boeing eVTOL initial design cityscape, 10 October 2019, Germany-USA.

    Boeing Partners with Porsche

    Boeing announced Oct. 10 that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Volkswagen subsidiary Porsche to “explore the premium urban air mobility market and the extension of urban traffic into airspace.” Boeing, Porsche and Boeing subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences are also developing a concept for a fully electric VTOL aircraft. Engineers from both companies, as well as Porsche subsidiaries Porsche Engineering Services GmbH and Studio...

  • Boeing CAV Cargo Air Vehicle May 2019 - USA.

    Boeing Moves Forward With CAV

    On Oct. 3, Boeing NeXt announced that it had flown its Cargo Air Vehicle demonstrator outdoors up to 20 kt (37 km/h). Since its first outdoor flight in February, Boeing has completed more than 90 outdoor flight tests. Boeing stated that the CAV, designed to carry a payload up to 500 lb (225 kg), will open new markets by offering efficiencies in delivering time-sensitive and high-value goods for cargo and logistics applications.

  • Boeing and Safran invest in Electric Power Systems in 2019.

    Boeing and Safran Fund EPS

    Boeing and Safran have invested in Electric Power Systems (EPS), a company offering a suite of safe, certifiable and lightweight energy storage products that provide high quality power for aerospace and other markets. Boeing HorizonX Ventures and Safran Corporate Ventures jointly invested in EPS during this Series A funding round they announced on Sept. 17. EPS is the second advanced battery solutions company to join the Boeing HorizonX Ventures...

  • Four Coras on tarmac.

    Kitty Hawk Announcements

    On June 25, The Boeing Company and Kitty Hawk Corporation announced a strategic partnership to collaborate on future efforts to advance safe urban air mobility (UAM). The strategic partnership will bring together the innovation of Kitty Hawk’s Cora division with Boeing’s scale and aerospace expertise. Cora is a two-seat, lift-plus-cruise eVTOL that is currently being tested unmanned in New Zealand. In addition, the company tweeted on Aug. 15 that...

  • Boeing CAV Cargo Air Vehicle May 2019 - USA.

    Boeing CAV Flies Free

    The Boeing Company announced on May 2 that it had completed the first outdoor flight tests of its Cargo Air Vehicle (CAV). In a safe and controlled environment, the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) successfully took off, hovered, transitioned to forward flight and then landed safely. The Boeing CAV, which uses six pairs of electric propellers, is designed to carry payloads up to 500...

  • Boeing and SparkCognition Launch SkyGrid

    Boeing and SparkCognition announced plans in November to launch a joint venture, SkyGrid, which will develop a software platform to ensure the safe, secure integration of autonomous cargo and passenger air vehicles in the global airspace. Using blockchain technology, artificial intelligence-enabled dynamic traffic routing, data analytics and cybersecurity features, SkyGrid's platform will go beyond unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) traffic management...

  • Boeing Cargo Air Vehicle

    Cargo Air Vehicle (CAV)
    The Boeing Company
    Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Boeing completed initial flight tests of an electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (eVTOL) unmanned cargo air vehicle (CAV) prototype in 2017. The company says, "The innovative platform is designed to test and evolve Boeing’s autonomy technology for future aerospace vehicles."

    Boeing engineers designed and built the CAV prototype In less than...

  • GoFly

    AHS Supports GoFly!

    Ready. Set. GoFly!

    Backed by Boeing, GoFly has kicked off its $2M competition to build a personal flying device that is safe, useful and thrilling.

    By Mike Hirschberg, AHS International Executive Director

    Vertiflite, Nov/Dec 2017

    On Sept. 26, Gwen Lighter,...

  • VTOL Execs at Forum 73 Banquet

    AHS Commentary: Not Just Helicopters

    AHS Commentary: Not Just Helicopters

    By Mike Hirschberg, AHS International Executive Director

    Vertiflite Jul-Aug 2017

    At the Forum 73 Grand Awards Banquet, the leaders of the major rotorcraft manufacturers and Uber Technologies’ chief of product development talked...