• NASA Puffin

    Hampton, Virginia, USA

    NASA’s Puffin is an electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) tail-sitting personal flying device.

    The Puffin stands 3.7 m tall (or long in flight mode) with a wingspan of 4.4 m. Near the wingtips are 60 hp electric motors for two 2.2 m propellers. It is a “tail-sitter” and the four point landing gear contract into a twin tail-boom in flight. The vehicle weighs 272 kg,...

  • NASA Supports eCTOL and eVTOL UAM

    NASA is broadening its support to Urban Air Mobility through several initiatives, as outlined in a May 7, 2018 NASA news story:
    The goal, known as Urban Air Mobility (UAM), is a safe and efficient air transportation system where everything from small package delivery drones to passenger-carrying air taxis operate over populated areas, from small towns to the largest cities....

    Another area where NASA’s strengths already are assisting UAM air...

  • Pipistrel reveals new eVTOL concept

    As part of Uber’s second annual Elevate Summit, aircraft designer and Uber Elevate partner, Pipistrel, has revealed its newest eVTOL concept and design. The new aircraft utilizes dedicated propulsion systems for both cruising and vertical lift and embraces an aircraft family approach of eVTOL able to carry from two to six passengers.

    As part of its...

  • Uber announces new partnerships and aircraft concepts at 2nd annual Elevate Summit

    On the first day of its second annual Elevate Summit, Uber unveiled a series of new advancements and partnerships that are helping launch the world’s first urban aviation network.

    Six months after announcing Los Angeles would be one of the first U.S. cities to launch uberAIR, the company reinforced its partnerships with key manufacturers and...

  • Uber and NASA sign second Space Act Agreement

    Uber has signed a second Space Act Agreement with NASA to explore concepts and technologies for urban air mobility (UAM). Under this agreement, Uber will share its unique UAM requirements based on their future operational concept for the world’s first urban aviation’s rideshare network, and NASA will use the latest airspace management modeling and...

  • Uber Announces Agreements with NASA and Plans for Los Angeles

    Uber Signs Space Act Agreement With NASA On Traffic Management Development For Urban Airspace

    Uber announced today that it has signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA for the development of new Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) concepts and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) that will enable safe and efficient operations of small UAS at low altitudes. Uber’s participation in NASA’s UTM Project will help the company’s goal of...

  • Working Groups Developing Transformative Vertical Flight Roadmaps

    Working Groups Developing Transformative Vertical Flight Roadmaps

    By Mike Dudley

    Vertiflite, Sept-Oct 2017

    A confluence of technical, business and societal developments in recent years is driving an expectation that air transportation will be transformed to cut urban daily commute times dramatically, enable faster...

  • Pipistrel

    Pipistrel Vertical Solutions
    Ajdovščina, Slovenia

    Pipistrel publicly announced at the first Uber Elevate Summit in April 2017 that they were working on an eVTOL aircraft, but revealed no information.

    At the second Elevate Summit on May 8, the company revealed they are working on several different versions of its eVTOL concept: "The new aircraft utilizes dedicated propulsion systems for...

  • GL10 test 13 8-19-14

    AHS International Leads Transformative Vertical Flight Initiative

    AHS International held a groundbreaking event on August 27-29. The “Transformative Vertical Flight Concepts Joint Workshop on Enabling New Flight Concepts through Novel Propulsion and Energy Architectures” was held in Arlington, Virginia at the offices of CENTRA Technology, Inc. and with the support of the F.N. Piasecki Foundation. The workshop was co-sponsored by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

    With electric and...