Passenger Drone

  • Passenger Drone Now ASTRO AA360

    Ft. Worth, Texas-based ASTRO Aerospace announced on May 8th that it had acquired Passenger Drone, which had made manned flights last year of its two-seat 16-propeller wingless eVTOL aircraft, now dubbed the AA360. [Note: the company renamed the aircraft "Elroy" in four months later.]

    In June, ASTRO announced that it had forged a partnership with composite manufacturer Paterson Composites: “Specializing in carbon fiber, Paterson Composites will...

  • Passenger Drone first manned flight

    Manned Passenger Drone

    On Aug 28, the company Passenger Drone announced that it had been working in “stealth mode” on a two-seat distributed electric VTOL aircraft: “For the past three years, Passenger Drone has been developing a zero-emissions, easy-to-use passenger drone that has the potential to eliminate stressful commutes. With 16 electric engines, the drone can travel up to 80 km/h [43 kt] while barely making a noise.” Unmanned flights began in early May 2017,...

  • Astro Aerospace Elroy

    Elroy (Formerly "Passenger Drone")
    Astro Aerospace
    Lewisville, Texas, USA

    The Astro Elroy was originally announced in July 2017 after autonomous flights had been conducted, under the company and vehicle name, "Passenger Drone" (see Astro’s Elroy Blasts Off, Vertiflite, Nov/Dec 2018). According to the announcement, the aircraft commenced flight testing in early May 2017 and then spent several months...