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  • Uber announces new partnerships and aircraft concepts at 2nd annual Elevate Summit

    On the first day of its second annual Elevate Summit, Uber unveiled a series of new advancements and partnerships that are helping launch the world’s first urban aviation network.

    Six months after announcing Los Angeles would be one of the first U.S. cities to launch uberAIR, the company reinforced its partnerships with key manufacturers and...

  • Lilium Jet Hover (close up)

    Charging Forward: New eVTOL Concepts Advance

    Charging Forward: New eVTOL Concepts Advance

    By Kenneth I. Swartz

    Look! Up in the sky! It’s a car — It’s a plane — No, it’s my UberAir!

    Vertiflite, Jul-Aug 2017

    To those immersed in the world of traditional...

  • Zee Aero Z-P2

    Zee Aero (now the Cora product line of Kitty Hawk)
    Mountain View, California, USA

    Zee Aero, now part of Kitty Hawk, developed the Z-P2 full-scale, manned eVTOL aircraft, flying it at Hollister Municipal Airport in California. Steve Eggleston at DK Turbines was first to photograph the aircraft being towed out to the runway on Oct. 10, 2016 (photo by Steve Eggleston, used with permission). The aircraft began...

  • Zee Aero Z-P1, March 2, 2017

    Zee eVTOL Spotted Again

    Zee Aero continues manned flight-testing of its full-scale eVTOL aircraft in forward flight at Hollister Municipal Airport, about 50 statute miles (80 km) southeast of its offices in Mountain View, California. The company continues its silence, but more details have been leaking out. According to public US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) database information, the aircraft has the registration number N102XZ. The aircraft is listed as a glider,...

  • Air Mobility Bonanza Beckons Electric VTOL Developers

    Air Mobility Bonanza Beckons Electric VTOL Developers

    By Richard Whittle

    Vertiflite, Mar-Apr 2017

    In this continuation from last issue’s article, “The Demand for On-Demand Mobility,” Vertiflite reports on companies pursuing visions aligned with Uber’s Elevate White...

  • Uber

    The Demand for On-Demand Mobility

    The Demand for On-Demand Mobility

    By Richard Whittle

    Vertiflite, Jan-Feb 2017

    The hurdles are high and there is ample reason for skepticism, but tech entrepreneurs are pushing electric aircraft ideas that could lead to a new era for vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, aka VTOLs...

  • Italdesign - Airbus Pop Up

    Electric VTOL News

    Electric VTOL News
    The Latest in eVTOL Developments

    By AHS Staff

    Vertiflite, May-June 2017

    Serious progress is being made around the world in eVTOL development. Here is a roundup of recent news that has come out since the detailed article in the last issue of...

  • GL10 test 13 8-19-14

    AHS International Leads Transformative Vertical Flight Initiative

    AHS International held a groundbreaking event on August 27-29. The “Transformative Vertical Flight Concepts Joint Workshop on Enabling New Flight Concepts through Novel Propulsion and Energy Architectures” was held in Arlington, Virginia at the offices of CENTRA Technology, Inc. and with the support of the F.N. Piasecki Foundation. The workshop was co-sponsored by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

    With electric and...