Listed below are Vertical Flight Society (VFS) corporate members which have developed or are developing eVTOL aircraft. Our corporate members have an unprecedented opportunity to network and engage with all levels of the rotorcraft technical community, including industry, academia and government.

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  1. A³ Vahana
  2. AgustaWestland Project Zero (defunct)
  3. Airbus CityAirbus
  4. AirspaceX MOBi
  5. Aurora eVTOL
  6. Aurora LightningStrike (defunct)
  7. AutoFlightX BAT600 (defunct)
  8. AutoFlightX V600
  9. Bartini Flying Car
  10. Bell Air Taxi
  11. Bell Autonomous Pod Transport (APT)
  12. Beta Technologies Ava XC
  13. Boeing Cargo Aerial Vehicle
  14. Carter Air Taxi
  15. Jaunt Air Mobility
  16. Joby Lotus (defunct)
  17. Joby S2 (defunct)
  18. Joby S4
  19. Karem Butterfly
  20. Kitty Hawk Cora
  21. Kitty Hawk Flyer
  22. Kitty Hawk Flyer (defunct prototype)
  23. LIFT Hexa
  24. Lilium Jet
  25. Neoptera eOpter
  26. NFT AKSA
  27. Piasecki Air Scout
  28. Piasecki eVTOL
  29. Piasecki PA-890
  30. Pipistrel (unnamed)
  31. Pop.Up Next
  32. Rolls-Royce EVTOL
  33. Sabrewing Draco-2 UAS
  34. Sabrewing RHAEGAL UAS
  35. Sikorsky Firefly (defunct)
  36. Sikorsky VERT
  37. Terrafugia TF-2 Lift + Push
  38. Terrafugia TF-2 Tiltrotor
  39. Terrafugia TF-X
  40. Transcend Air Vy 400
  41. Urban Aeronautics CityHawk
  42. Vertical Aerospace
  43. Volocopter 2X
  44. Volocopter VC1/VC2 (defunct prototypes)
  45. Volocopter VC200
  46. XTI Aircraft TriFan 600
  47. Zee Aero Z-P2
  48. Zenith Altitude EOPA

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